Casting Impregnation Sealant and Equipment


Ultraseal International is recognised as the global leader in providing casting impregnation equipment and impregnation sealant as a solution to the universal problem of porosity in castings, powered metal components, and electronic components.

It has pioneered vacuum impregnation developments for casting porosity for over 40 years by continually being first to market with products such as recycling sealants and front loading and automatic vacuum impregnation equipment.  

Few companies worldwide can match Ultraseal's experience and expertise in both casting impregnation machinery and impregnation sealant technology and this combination has led it to partnering many of the global players in the automotive, die cast and general manufacturing sectors.

Backed by a highly responsive worldwide service support team that is unmatched by other industry suppliers, Ultraseal's position as the world's leading provider of impregnation solutions remains unchallenged.


Casting Impregnation Solutions offered by Ultraseal:


  • Vacuum Impregnation Equipment from simple top-loading to sophisticated systems
  • Productivity through automation
  • Casting impregnation sealant and associated chemicals
  • Conversion packages for non-recycling impregnation equipment
  • Unmatched Impregnation Process knowledge
  • Recycling impregnation sealant and advanced vacuum impregnation technology
  • Global distribution and sales support
  • Worldwide product approvals

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