Importance of Approvals


Quality doesn't only apply to the delivered product, it also means recognition in terms of international approvals in respect of product performance for a specific application. Ultraseal believes that by being awarded with many International Approvals for its products, this reflects their global application and acceptance and will provide its current and future customers with the confidence to specify Ultraseal products in their impregnation applications.



US Military Specification MIL-I-17563C Class 1 & 3 Approval

This approval process subjects test rings manufactured from copper alloy, iron and aluminum to a number of stringent sealing capability tests. These show the chemical resistance and thermal stability of the sealant over a wide range.


Ultraseal PC504/66, Rexeal 100 and MX2 approved for US MIL-I-17563C (Class 1 and 3)

Rexeal 100 and MX2 are officially approved for US military specification MIL-I-17563C (Class 1 and 3).  Rexeal and MX2 are the only sealants being used widely in industrial and automotive applications. This US Mil standard is widely accepted throughout the world as the global benchmark for impregnation sealant performance.


Both sealants are designed as solutions to the eternal problem of porosity in castings and both are approved for MIL-I-17563C (Class 1 and 3). Rexeal 100 is a refinement of Ultraseal MX2 and operates across a wider temperature range: -76°C (-105°F) to +220°C (428°F).


This standard is widely accepted throughout the world and Ultraseal International produces the only U.S. military approved recyclable sealants used in widespread industrial and automotive applications.