Recycling Impregnation Technology


While conventional sealing technologies have made major advances in terms of quality and consistency, increasing concerns over the efficiencies and effluent impact of the process has led to increased research toward a more friendly and effective solution.

In traditional impregnation processes, up to 90% of the sealant consumed goes down the drain as effluent from the cold water wash tank. This is not only wasteful and adds cost to the process, but also brings a greater financial burden to bear on companies that are facing ever-increasing environmental legislation and concerns. The growing need for manufacturers to reduce bottom-line costs and address environmental issues led Ultraseal International to develop the world's first recycling sealant in 1987. This revolutionary sealant offered all the qualities of conventional sealant but with the added commercial and environmental advantages of being recyclable.

Ultraseal recycling sealants are specially formulated to give them hydrophobic properties. They have a specific gravity less than 1.0 which means they will naturally tend to separate from water.


The separation process involves the Sealant Recycling System (SRS). This is a custom-built separator that takes sealant-laden water from the wash tank and passes it through filters, before separating the sealant from the water.



The wash water solution is dosed with Ultraseal Wash Water Conditioner (WWC), which ensures separation of the sealant from the cold wash water.  The recovered sealant is then returned back to the autoclave and the remaining wash solution is pumped directly back to the wash tank, giving a totally closed loop system. Unlike conventional systems, there is no requirement to change the cold wash water.  Therefore manufacturers who use this system experience substantial cost savings through lower sealant consumption, conservation of water, reduced down time and in addition, less effluent and the associated environmental benefits.


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Conversion of Existing Non-Recycling Machines to have Recycling Functionality

Ultraseal International can supply both top and front load impregnation machines with an SRS to enable the use of recycling sealant. Existing non-recycling impregnation machines may be compatible but this would be subject to a site survey and inspection. Any machine conversions will be for the use of Ultraseal recycling sealants.