Ultraseal’s Impregnation Sealants


 Vacuum impregnation sealants are the permanent solution to porosity in metal casting, filling any voids with a stable yet flexible material that is resistant to attack from heat, oils or chemicals.

In the late 1970's, Ultraseal launched the first methacrylate impregnation sealant called PC504 and this radically altered the whole impregnation industry.  

Outdated methods for sealing leaking or porous castings are sodium silicate (water glass), polyester and anaerobic resins. These have many disadvantages:


  • They are labour intensive
  • They suffer from low productivity
  • They show ineffective performance on certain types of porosity
  • In some instances, they are hazardous to use.

PC504/66 still remains the leading global conventional impregnation sealant brand.

Ultraseal further revolutionised vacuum impregnation by introducing recyclable impregnation sealant: Ultraseal MX2 and then Rexeal 100 .

Recycling sealants result in up to 90% of the otherwise wasted sealant being recovered from the cold wash tank and made available for immediate reuse.

Ultraseal Recycling Vacuum Impregnation Sealants offer:

  • 90% Reduction in sealant consumption
  • Superior performance when compared to non-recycling sealants
  • Reduced impregnation costs
  • Significant environmental benefits - excess sealant not washed away as effluent
  • Less water consumption