Methacrylate Sealant (Thermocure)



Toughness and flexibility alongside outstanding adhesive qualities make Ultraseal PC504/66 the most advanced sealant of its kind in the world today.


Ultraseal PC504/66 methacrylate sealant is established as the benchmark for sealing performance and quality in a wide variety of industries and applications. As well as offering greater productivity levels, this pioneering sealant was the first to offer consistently high quality, while also avoiding the safety and environmental issues associated with its predecessors.

These factors saw Ultraseal PC504/66 rapidly become the preferred choice worldwide in sectors ranging from military and aerospace components to high-volume automotive engines. With a proven track record spanning more than a quarter of a century in these demanding applications, it offers unrivalled quality in terms of sealing performance and temperature stability.

Exhaustive trials in Europe, USA and Japan - the world's most technically demanding markets - show it can operate effectively between -58°F to 392°F, in metal castings, plastic mouldings, sintered components and other porous materials. Ultraseal PC504/66 also offers low shrinkage during polymerization, giving outstanding void filling capacity, while the product's low viscosity enables faster, deeper penetration into even the finest microporosity.


It is suitable for use in both large batch and lean manufacturing applications, producing consistent high quality performance, whatever the size or nature of the components being treated.


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