Rexeal 100 - A New Generation of Recyclable Sealant - Mil Spec Approved


Rexeal is the new generation of recyclable sealant.

Ultraseal never relent from their vision of continuous improvement. Through extensive research by the Ultraseal R&D department, they have gathered a proven track record of more than two decades in the use of recycling sealants to develop this evolutionary product.

By examining the performance of Ultraseal MX2 in the field, and taking into account extensive feedback from the market, Rexeal 100 has been purposely formulated to meet the ever-changing requirements of companies. It brings additional tangible benefits to manufacturers that require the highest possible levels of sealing quality and environmental conformance.


Benefits of Rexeal 100


  • Highest performing recycling sealant available on the market
  • Increased cost effectiveness
  • Increased environmental benefits
  • Mil Spec Approved - Mil-I-17563C
  • Process stability improved, resulting in more easily maintained systems
  • Gel time - drift reduced or eliminated , therefore requiring less catalyst
  • Washing characteristics enhanced, leading to cleaner components
  • Thermal resistance increased to 220°C / 428°F
  • Hydrophobic properties increased, ensuring the sealant will reduce moisture more quickly
  • ENVIRONMENT - further protected by the use of more environmentally friendly chemicals in the formulation.

Superior Performance of Rexeal vs. Competing Products

We consistently monitor our sealants' performance against others on the market. This guarantees that the statements we make about the quality of our products and their performance are proven correct. The following test results show how impregnated US MIL-I-17563C test rings performed when subjected to thermal tests, with any leakage being recorded and graded as shown in the chart below.

   Where 0 = pressure tight (leak free) and 5 = bad leakage


The results in this table were generated from tests with a standard batch of competitors' sealant and Rexeal 100.


Even when exposed to relatively low temperatures (40°C / 104°F), the competitors' sealant performance is found to suffer after only short periods of time. By comparison, Rexeal 100 retains a perfect ring seal even after 24 hours at 220°C / 428°F.


Ultraseal would always recommend that the most reliable method for evaluating the performance of an impregnation sealant is through the testing of impregnated test rings, as estbalished by the international standards and recognised test procedures. By doing so, results that reflect "in use" product performance are generated, and in this instance they indicate very clearly the superior thermal resistance of Rexeal 100 over alternatives.


For more information on Rexeal and recycling sealants, please visit the product brochures download page.