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The Eternal Problem of Porosity in Castings - Expert Advice Available on Website



Ultraseal International’s website offers expert webinars from the North American Die Casting Association

Porosity in casting is the number one problem for diecasters, according to a survey carried out by the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA).

More than one-third of those surveyed named porosity as their main challenge, revealing it as a common phenomenon throughout the industry.

An expert insight into porosity is now being offered on Ultraseal’s websites at and via a series of webinars from NADCA.

Finding ways to reliably and permanently solve the problem of porosity in casting has been Ultraseal International’s mission for decades.

The UK-based headquartered company has pioneered in the field of impregnation sealants for decades and produces a range of sealants and impregnation equipment, including the global benchmark sealant Rexeal 100™.

Stephen Hynes, Marketing Director of Ultraseal International, said: “There is no such thing as the guaranteed perfect casting – despite diecasters’ best efforts.

“Understanding porosity is the first step to tackling it effectively, and these NADCA webinars are an invaluable aid to diecasters everywhere.

“Porosity is widespread – that is why sealant impregnation is now widely regarded as a routine quality enhancement around the world.”

In his introductory webinar Alex Monroe, Engineering Project Manager at NADCA, said porosity was so common in diecasting it should be viewed as a characteristic of the process.

He said: “There is porosity in all die castings. It is only a defect when it occurs in the wrong location in the wrong size.”

The four hour-long webinars cover: An Introduction to the Causes of Porosity; How to Control Porosity with Processing Parameters; Design for Reduced Porosity: and Predicting and Measuring Porosity.